"Tools",The Online Novel Project

I have been working on a Sci-fi novel as an experiment and I'm writing it online here. It has all the elements that I think will make a good story, including a very aware woman working with her new partner, a bit of romance, humor, and along the way some modest social commentary.

One of my favorite authors is Nevil Shute, who wrote many notable books including On the beach, No highway, Trustee from the tool room, The legacy, and many others. The thing I really liked about his books, was his quiet everyday characters who end up in difficult situations and selflessly rise to meet the challenges. I think this is also why I like L. E. Modesitt's books so much. In the end, the best stories are the ones you can imagine yourself as the principal characters and become a better person for it. 

Reader comments will not be enabled to keep the appearance consistent. My email address is in my profile and I welcome any comments and suggestions. I'm going to continue my work-related blog The Marine Installers Rant at the same time.

I am writing this using Google's Blogger software, and the one big thing my text editor can't easily do is paragraph indents. Instead line feeds will break subject related dialog into smaller coherent groups. This makes things a touch awkward but it still remains very readable. My intent is to concentrate on creating a good story first, then clean up any grammatical minutia (Psst, there is some but it's not tragic).

In order to make it read like a book, I have to backdate each post to control the order. In an oxymoronic way, you will have to click on “older posts” to see the newer chapters.

Thanks, Bill