Chapter 46 Change of plans

“Good job Lim, was that a slug thrower I heard? Was anyone hurt?” “Yes and no Celeste. I was stunned along with the trooper but the teams carried on without me. The other troopers were too sick to do much of anything. We now have five new stunners and four slug throwers.” “Let's tweak things a bit Lim. Leave two stunners and three of your teams where they are. Take the rest through the tunnel to the Cathedral. Start in the basement and secure the broadcast center. Leave a few there with a stunner to guard it. Search the Cathedral and stun and truss anyone who is an Elder or a senior staffer. If the Senior Elder gets on your nerves give him a wack or two with your staffs to see if he will shut up, or just keep stunning him.”

Seventy women led by Lim lighting the way with her tablet work their way through the tunnel and crowd into a small basement room. Lim pushes the door open and sees the flickering lights of monitors. They are now in the broadcast center and is no one here.

“Holi and Jans. I only see one guard at the main Cathedral gate. See if you can lure him out so the guard at the other gate can't see him. Then stun and haul him around the corner  From there quietly secure the other gate to the security compound and both your teams inside the Cathedral walls. Hold there until Lora captures the Security Forces main gate. Stun anyone who gets in your way,” said Celeste

Holi leans over and talks quietly to Jans who smiles and nods her head. With stunners in their pockets, they walk over to the gate and stand in front of the trooper. Bleary eyes look them both over. “What are you two whores doing out in public dressed like that,” he growls putting his hand on the butt of his stunner. “Trooper sir. We are desperate pleasure girls. Everyone is sick and we are so hungry. For even the smallest coin you have, we would take you around the corner and you can have us both,” said Holi cocking her hip to one side making her very short shift slide up higher. Checking back over his shoulder he grins. “Okay, but let's make it quick.” Holi and Jans head for the corner with the trooper in tow. As he turns the corner he barely has the time to register he's facing hundreds of women as Holi and Jans pull the triggers of their stun guns. “Truss him up and keep him quiet,” whispers Jans to the women. 

“It worked once, Holi, do you want to try it again with the other guard?” said Jans. Holi rips her collar on both sides and wriggles it down so the tops of her breasts are exposed and arms are free. She raises an eyebrow at Jans who copies her. They brashly walk through the cathedral gate and head for the smaller one. Holi exaggerates her walk and things start to jiggle. They walk straight up to the frozen and open-mouthed trooper, stun him and quickly hogtie him. “You're going to have to teach me how to walk that way Holi,” said Jans in amazement. “Celeste, we have the second gate,” said Holi. “Good work both of you. Jans, move both groups onto the Cathedral grounds and start to search the Elders mansions. Any Elders you find drag them outside after you tie them up,” said Celeste.

Lim crouches down low with two other women at the top of the stairs and peeks around the corner at the trooper sitting at the reception desk. “Screw this,” she says under her breath. She stands and walks quickly over to the trooper and as he looks up her finger pulls the trigger on the stunner still in her pocket, and his face smacks down on the desk. She waves back at the stairs and the room fills with women. Lim puts her finger to her lips and points at the two long hallways. The group splits and starts down them flinging open doors.

“Lora, use a small team and take out the guards at the Security Compound main gate. Then head to the headquarters building side door. Holi will meet you there,” said Celeste. Lora motions to three other women, and they head for the main gate. Laughing loudly at a lewd joke Lora was telling as they pass the gate all four pull their stunners and the two guards fall to the cobblestones. They drag them outside the gate out of view and tied together. Running to the side door Holi's group is waiting. “You're almost not wearing any clothes at all Holi,” said Lora. “I think it's sexy, but  I'll try to keep what's left on,” said Holi smirking. “The troopers are too easily distracted. Are you ready? I'll take the front of the building?”

Lora grins and opens the door. They charge in stunning everyone in sight until all were rapidly secured and a dozen stunners were piled into a box. Lora and Holi study their tablets. “There are three of them about four offices down this hallway,” said Holi. “I'll go look for them.” Lora looks at the location of the fourth one. It is back in the corner of the building, and she heads off in that direction. She enters the large corner office and sees the crowd stunner sitting in the middle of the tidy desk. “It's almost like I was supposed to find it this easily,” she thinks. Grabbing the stunner she meets Holi at the front door. “We have the stunners, Celeste.” She runs to the gate and waves both her hands towards the square. Her group runs towards her at full speed.

“Elena, Yana, Dona, and Jans. Go now and find Holi and Lora by the headquarters building. Keep your teams together. Colini and Tami take control of the square,” said Celeste. Lora and Holi stand transfixed as nearly four hundred women thunder towards them with staffs raised high pointing to the stars.

Startled by the vibration of the cobblestones the Marshal looks up and sees hundreds of women converging on the Cathedral and Security Complex. More women start to flood into the square. He puts his head down and warily continues to sharpening knives when he hears a commotion at the public jakes and looks up. A trooper is screaming, “Whores are everywhere,” as he wildly swings his slug thrower around at the crowd of women converging on him. “He had to have been in the jakes for a long time and someone is going to get killed,” he thinks as he jumps over the counter and runs dodging through the women to the jakes. 

Throwing off his cap he yells “Trooper, I am the Marshal, point that slug thrower at the ground now. That's an order. The trooper looks disorientated he realizes as he comes to a halt. “Trooper where have you been? This training exercise started two hours ago.” The trooper seems confused. “I was not feeling Sir. I needed to go to the jakes and I must have forgotten the time,” he stammered. You don't look well trooper. Holster that weapon and return to the barracks now.” orders the Marshal. The trooper hesitantly puts his slug thrower away. The Marshal reaches behind his back and in a smooth motion pulls out his stunner and pulls the trigger. “He's all yours now,” he says to the growing crowd of women. Reaching into his pocket he pulls out his coin and places it in the palm of his hand. “This is a gift from the Captain of the starship. She said it will protect me. I am here to help you.” A stout older woman reaches out and snatches up the coin. After looking at it closely she says, “It's real, and he can use a stunner.”