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Chapter 44 The gust front

“Ben, wake up, you have to see this right now,” cried out Celeste. Ben's eyes snapped open, and he sat up. The cabin vid was showing an infrared image of the armory as two tractors pulled up. One of several men jumped off the trailer, talked to the guard, and both entered. The large door opened and the tractor with a trailer pulled in. “That's Davin's carriage outside. Those men are all armed with slug throwers,” said Celeste. “Let's move to the salon. We would have to be up soon anyway, and I could use a cafe,” said Ben.

As Ben filled his cup, the tractor and trailer pulled out of the armory and the large door closed. “Can we get a better look at what's loaded on the trailer?” “Yes, give me a moment Ben.” The view resumed as the micro drone settled noiselessly on the edge of the armory roof looking downward. “That's a big crate on the back of the trailer, you don't think...?” “I'm not sure Ben. I'm blinking and loudly squawking Ungar's tablet for his opinion.” Both tractors fired up and started to leave. “I'm deploying a drone now and will I try to follow them.”

Lora and Elena warily walked to the warehouse in the dark. “Celeste? We're going to the warehouse. Is my path clear of troopers?” asked Lora whispering. “I'm here Lora, I don't see any troopers near you, and if I do, I'll warn you. I have turned off all the trooper's stun guns.”

Lora tiptoed up the steps, tried to turn the doorknob, and it's locked. She backed down the steps and with relief finds the hammer and chisel where she left them. Centering the chisel on the lock, she gave it a whack and was startled at the noise it made. The hammer swung a second time even harder. The sound echoed down the street into the night. With the next strike the chisel sunk into the lock. “Lora, a trooper has apparently heard the noise and is headed your way. Hurry,” said Celeste. Lora took the hammer in both hands and swung as hard as she could. The door loudly banged open. “Lora and Elena get your stunners right now.”

With hearts pounding they both ran up the stairs and frantically threw boxes aside to get at their bags. Both grabbed stunners and turned towards the stairs hiding them behind their backs. Heavy boots clump on the floor downstairs. “Whoever is up there come down right now.” Lora hollered back, “Come and get us stupid. Are you afraid of a couple of women? We're naked and waiting for you.”

“A couple of whores with big mouths deserve what they'll get, and I'll enjoy giving it to both of you.” Heavy boots clunked on the stair treads. The silhouette of a sweaty ill-looking trooper appeared at the top of the stairs stunner pointed at them. “He's fat, stupid and ugly,” taunted Elena. “You whores lied to me. You're not naked, but you both will be in a  minute.” The trooper's finger jerked on the trigger, but nothing happened. Both women pulled their arms out from behind their back and pointed stunners at the surprised trooper. Both pulled triggers. The trooper's face instantly went slack as he fell backward tumbling down the stairs. “Let's get the ties and practice on this dolt,” said Elena.

“That big bump he got on his head has actually improved his appearance,” said Lora. “We need to roll this slob over on his stomach like the picture showed.” They both heaved the unconscious trooper over.  Lora pulled an arm behind him and put a tie on his wrist. Roughly she pulls the other arm around, slid another tie under the first and then around the other wrist pulling it snug. Looking at Elena's handiwork on his feet Lora said, “It's easier than I thought. The others can see how well it works when they get here. This brute isn't going anyplace today.”

Ungar's sleepy face appeared on the vid. “I take it my services are needed at this early hour Captain,” “Thank you, Ungar, would you please watch this and tell me what you see?” As the vid played, Ungar's face showed concern. “I regret to tell Captain you but that is one of the mining atomic explosives, and the carriage is Davin's. Do you know where he went?” “No, he disappeared from the camera view. I'm looking for him as we speak. On your tablet, you will see a new icon. This opens into views of the city. Today is the day the Elder's will fall. Lynn's tablet can do the same. If you both see anything that will help us, reach out to me. I must go now.”

Lim and Mora walked in and stared at the trussed up trooper who was coming around. His eyes open and he started to struggle. Glaring at the women a steady stream of profanity spewed out of his mouth. Lora looked around for a rag and then at her nearly floor-length black shift. “Screw the Oneness stuff, I can't fight while wearing this piece of crap.” She grabbed the hem and tore it up the side. Then ripped it off sideways, so the shift is above her knees. “That's better,” she exclaimed. She picked up the remnant of the shift and shoved as much as will fit into the trooper's mouth. The sound of other shifts being ripped echoed the sentiment.

“Let's bring the bags down and add the hammers and chisels. The others will be here shortly,” said Lora. As the last bag is moved downstairs Dona, Yana, and Holi showed up and gawked at the shifts. More ripping occurred. Holi turned to the group, “How's this look?” “It's really short Holi,” said Dona. “I know,” she leered. “I'm a pleasure girl, and I know how to be a distraction.” Jans, Colini, and then Tami showed up. Lora looked at the group with pride in her eyes. “Pick a staff women and be fearsome. Let's go open the other warehouses and show the world what we can do.”