Chapter 6 How do I look today dear?

“Ben, just follow the yellow line to the elevators and then go up to the third floor, room 302. You'll find this really interesting. It's time to get to know me a little better,” said Celeste. Ben popped out of the elevator and did a hotel hallway turn checking room numbers to see what direction he needed to go and five doors down was 302. He open the door, walked in about three steps and staggered to a stop.

The center of the room was lit by a single soft down spotlight illuminating a couch with a stunning and nearly naked women reclining on it. She's wearing a sheer almost transparent negligee with large breasts and very long legs. Her waist is impossibly narrow and her lips are red and full. A nonexistent breeze causes her long luxuriant blonde hair to gently sway around her. A nervous Ben was starting to sweat and becoming aware of a stirring starting in his groin stuttered, “Is that really you Celeste?” “Yes Ben, do you like me? I can look any way you want me to,” she purred. Ben struggled for words and finally asked, “You can really look any way I want?” Celeste grinned and coyly said, “That's right Ben” as her breasts seemed to swell even more.

Ben pondered for another moment aware of his now growing bulge and acute embarrassment quietly said, “Celeste, this won't work. You're very attractive, but at the same time, this is seriously way too distracting and not real. Can you look a little more, well normal?” In a millisecond a pleasant but rather plain looking young women is now standing in front of him smiling. “Okay Ben, this is my starting point. You're going to tell me how you really want me to look. I'm going to read the data from your bio-metric sensor implants and your body is going to tell me what you like. Just stand here and watch me.” Ben stood and watched quietly as Celeste starts to change. Face, hips, breasts, hair, height, and clothes start to slowly morph and in about three minutes the changes come to a stop. A very attractive woman is now standing in front of him. She has short blonde-reddish hair, a cute nose with a few freckles and an alluring slight figure. Extraordinarily bright eyes look at him with an impish and knowing glance. “How's this working for you, Ben?” “You're stunning Celeste,” stammers Ben. “It's how I imagined you would really look. Why did you do this?”

“This was another small test. We're going to be spending a lot of time together. The ship has holo projectors and it will be easier for you to interact with me if I look like a real person, and don't you dare ever forget that I am. I also wanted to make sure you weren't a creep so to speak. Had you thought the first version of me you saw was how you imagined or wanted me to look I would have been very disappointed. Celeste gave Ben a quick kiss on his cheek he could almost feel as he reddened. “This is going to be a good relationship Ben, I may even treat you to an occasional fantasy” she leered with a mischievous grin. It's time for dinner with Jacob now, Pick your dinner from the replicator and join us in the private dining room,” and then she disappeared from view. Ben shook his head and started towards the door quietly saying out loud to himself, “It's almost like she can read my mind.” A soft voice whispered back “I can't Ben, but I'm very intuitive.” Ben thought to himself, “I really like Celeste.”